Sales Tax

Did you know sales tax rates are different for various businesses in diverse locations? You might be a clothing retail store in Gilbert, and decide to move to Mesa or have two locations.  Do you know how to make the transition from city to city?  Do you know the licensing requirements?  Are you paying the correct fees to obtain a transaction privilege license (TPT)?

You could be a floor tile installer and perform work in Tempe and Phoenix.  Your sales tax return in Tempe affects the return in Phoenix and Arizona alike.  Is the calculation developed correctly and quickly?

Collecting sales tax is not as easy as it seems.  There are licensing requirements, convoluted calculations, complicated returns, various deductions & credits, and payments.

Would you rather spend time to take care of your core business or would you spend countless time to calculate sale tax every single month?  Don’t get stuck with interest, penalties, and/or garnishments from improper sales tax returns.

We at Mesquite Tax, LLC pride ourselves on knowing the current laws & rates, finding the correct deductions, calculating the lowest tax amount each month, and completing the returns properly.  We perform various engagements, from completing the returns each month to consulting and preparing techniques for user friendly completion to save costs.  Let us help to take care your sales tax need.

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