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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact an accountant?

As soon as you start to think about your business, an accountant can help you take the next steps. We can discuss your business's organization, tax purposes and operations, along with target pricing and profit margins.  

I receive an IRS Letter, What should I do?

IRS Letters come in different types of seriousness. Some letters just need explanations from your return and can be answered with just clarification. Other letters may need amended returns or audit representation. 

How can I know which accountant is right for me?

Does your accountant return your calls? Do you feel comfortable asking them a question? Do you feel heard? With the right accountant, the answers should be a resounding "Yes!"

I'm a New Client, what do I need for my Tax Appointment?

We really need to have your prior year tax return, the current year tax documents, and any other income/deductions totaled & categorized. We have a blank Tax Organizer to guide you on items that you need. If you have Business Assets, we will need the Prior Year Depreciation Schedule as well.