Corporation Taxes

The pressures of running a business can be huge. The last thing an owner needs is the additional stress of proper tax preparation and accounting. We want you to concentrate on what you do best and leave the corporate tax issues to us. Mesquite Tax, LLC will work very hard to make certain that we are up to date on all the latest business laws and tax practices and how they affect your unique tax situation. We can reduce the stress, guide you in the right direction, and help your business make the correct tax decisions throughout the year.

It is our experience that tax preparation is an excellent opportunity to look at areas for improvement within a company. We look for places in your business or corporation where revenues can be increased and costs can be cut. We know that simply by reviewing all of the pertinent long-term planning opportunities, we can ensure that you are running your company in the most efficient financial manner. By planning ahead, we can help you take all the necessary steps to minimize the tax liability for your business.

We look at the BIG picture for your Company:

Year-end Corporate Tax Preparation

Corporate Tax Planning (C-Corp vs. S-Corp)

Electronic Filing and QuickBooks® Support

How to find the appropriate Tax Saving Systems

How to Keep Your Financial Files Organized

We can set you up with either a monthly plan where we do regular Accounting Services for your company and include the year-end tax preparation within it, or we can simply do your corporate taxes once a year when they come due. We encourage our business clients to consider a monthly plan, mainly because we can work with you continuously to strengthen your company, so that at your year-end we are prepared well in advance and there aren’t any surprises. Our goal is to prepare your corporate taxes in the most stress-free manner that brings you the best financial outcome.

Please contact us with your information so that we can work with you to customize a corporate package that will meet the specific needs of your business. Most of our clients say that not only is it well worth the expense just to reduce the stress, but that with our help they typically save more money than if they had tried to do it themselves. Let us make it easier for you to deal with your corporate taxes.

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